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Rated #1 on Tripadvisor for the freshest and tastiest food adventure in Puerto Vallarta. Come Hungry!


Mexican Beer Experience  $75

  • PALM copySample 12+ craft beers
  • Tasty food pairings
  • Tuesdays and Fridays at 5pm
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Mole Pozole Tour $55

  • PALM copyQuaint restaurants
  • Stroll the Malecon
  • Mondays and Thursdays 7pm
  • Learn More



Signature Taco Tour $55

  • PALM copyEat like a local
  • Explore the streets of Vallarta
  • Daily at 10am
  • Learn More



Tacos After Dark $55

  • PALM copyExperience the nighttime taco scene
  • Monday through Friday at 7pm
  • Learn More



Tasting Vallarta $88

  • PALM copyHigher-end gourmet Mexican restaurants
  • Wednesdays and Saturdays 7pm
  • Learn More



Xtras: Discounts & Gift Cards

  • PALM copyBook multiple tours for a 10% discount
  • Purchase Gift Cards for Foodies
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7 Unusual Ways to Experience Puerto Vallarta

Stay at the Rivera del Rio, Garlands Del Rio or at Casa Karma Alexander Andriadis and his partner Diego Bedini created two of the most unique and romantic boutique hotels in the Bay of Banderas. Each room at either the Garlands or Rivera del Rio has its own unique...
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Chiles! Chile names in Mexico can be a conundrum… Pretty much every region of Mexico has it own commonly used chile. Some are big and fat like the chile ancho, some are black, some are small and some are little. Each part of Mexico may use a different name for...
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-Beat September Heat with La Michoacana Paletas

One of the staples of the hot rainy season here in Puerto Vallarta are icy La Michoacana paletas. Paletas are the delightful Mexican cousin of the good old popcicle. They are pretty much the same shape and size, but this is not cloying orange flavored bar of ice you...
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-Tacos After Dark Partner Spotlight: Las Güeras

One of the highlights of the Tacos After Dark Tour is Las Güeras: Our favorite purveyor of the glorious Tacos al Pastor.   Save 15% on the Tacos After Dark Tour for Travel in August. Use promo code: AUGUSTALPASTOR when you book  at Vallarta Eats. Al Pastor is a...
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Why People Love Puerto Vallarta Eats Food Tours!


Eric, we are the ones that should say thank you...
“ We felt so appreciative that Memo agreed to conduct our tour.  We love your company, and we love Memo.  He truly is amazing, and so very accommodating.  We will continue to tell everyone we know they should book a tour with Vallarta Eats.  Thank you for the pictures, and for providing another memorable day. Gracias,”
We so enjoyed the Mole Pozole tour...
“The food was outstanding and Memo added to our enjoyment with his knowledge of the area and his wonderful personality.  The best part for me was eating at the street taco stand. I’ve always wanted to do that but was afraid to. I will let all my friends who go to Puerto Vallarta know about your tours and I also gave you a 5 star review on Trip Advisor.
Hasta la vista!”
We had an amazing time...
“ Rain wasn’t and didn’t spoil our experience. We were really looking forward to some authentic food. The food at the resort is not great. Pizza, hamburgers waffles etc which is a shame. So the tours are fantastic. Memo is quite special. Even if he has done the tour over a number of years, he was enthusiastic, warm and we learnt a lot. Didn’t get to meet you but congratulations for such a professional tour. Looking forward to the next tour. No one is eating tomorrow until the tour. We hope Memo can take us again. Thank Memo for the great photos.”
It was the highlight of our trip to be sure...
“ Our guide was extremely accommodating, polite, informative and a pleasure to spend the day with. Your tour is very unique and fills a niche  in the visitor experience that is truly necessary and one that we all valued.”