When does Vallarta Eats Food Tours offer tours?

Signature Taco Tour runs daily at 10 and 10:30 am

Tacos After Dark Daily at 6:30 and 7 pm

Tasting Vallarta Thursdays/Saturdays at 6 pm 

Untouristed Mondays/Fridays/Saturdays at 10 am

Explore Versalles Wednesdays/Fridays 10 am

Versalles after Dark Wednesdays/Thursdays 6 pm

Craft Brew & Bites runs Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 7pm (April 1- dec 15 & 6pm (Dec 16 – March 31 )

Private and Custom Tours email or call us to make arrangements

Our Puerto Vallarta Eats Food tours are limited to 8-10 people and we reserve the right to combine couples or individuals for our tours. However, if you have more than six in your group, email us at info@vallartaeats.com and we can accommodate.

PLEASE NOTE: when tours are sold out, we add additional tours at 30 minutes before or after the scheduled ones! In fact, we can often add a tour to the calendar at other times, as well, with notice! Get in touch with us if you don’t see what you need.

What if I really want to do a tour, but it’s not available on the day I’m free?

We have a lot of flexibility to accommodate you, so email us at info@vallartaeats.com and tell us what you’re looking for. In most cases, we can add tours with advance notice, and we’re always happy to do it!

How much will the food cost?

The food is included in the cost of the tour. You are free to purchase additional food to take with you to your hotel, condo rental or villa.

What drinks are included on the tours?

Our Tasting Vallarta and Craft Brew and Bites tours include alcoholic beverages (see individual tours for specifics) at each stop. Our other tours include fresh-fruit waters, but no alcohol. You and your group are free to purchase alcohol when available if you want. Please drink responsibly.

Will I be given information and details for my tour?

Once your booking is completed you will receive two emails: one confirming the payment transaction and a second confirming your tour. This second contains additional tour details, including a link to Google Maps with meeting locations.

What should I bring?

Feel free to bring an extra bottle of water, sunscreen, and cash for any additional purchases. We can not stress enough to please wear comfortable shoes.

What kinds of places will we visit on the tour?

We visit family-owned stands, restaurants, and carts specializing in authentic, homemade Mexican foods. We’ll keep you off the tourist beat and introduce you to some of Puerto Vallarta’s top spots with locals. Please see each tour description for more details on the foods highlighted on each tour.

Where does the tour begin, and how do I get there?

Detailed information about your tour’s departure point (with a Google Maps link) can be found on the page for your individual tour, and will also be included in your confirmation email.

Our starting and ending points are easily accessible by bus, taxi, or on foot. We strongly recommend that you plan your journey to the starting point so that you’re sure to get there at least 10 minutes before the start of the tour, as we are unable to hold tours for late arriving guests. Our tour prices don’t include transportation, but Vallarta Eats Food Tours can recommend private transportation providers. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

How far is the meeting point from my hotel/resort/ship?

A crucial question! We have listed the times below, and HIGHLY recommend that you use these over those your hotel concierges might give you — these are often based on old traffic patterns and are no longer correct!

Nuevo Vallarta: 1 hour

Bucerias: 1.5 hours

Sayulita: 2 hours

Punta de Mita: 2 hours

Mismaloya: 45 min

Hotel Zone: 30 min

Marina: 40 min

Cruise passengers must triple check their arrival times. We list our start time using local Vallarta time.

The time from the terminal to the meeting points is about 30-40 minutes.

I’ve heard people get sick from eating Mexican food. Is this true?

All of our food stops have been tested and thoroughly vetted. More than 45,000+ guests have toured with us. Our stops are known for their quality, freshness, and cleanliness, and all meet Vallarta regulatory standards for food businesses.

What if I have food allergies or dietary restrictions?

We are happy to accommodate when we can. On your reservation form, please share any know food allergies. We’ll do what we can to arrange substitutes for you. 

We regularly accommodate guests who can’t eat:

  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Shellfish
  • Pork
  • Beef
  • Nuts

I’m a vegetarian. Will there be food for me to eat?

Our goal at Vallarta Eats is to deliver an authentic Mexican food experience, therefore our curated tours do focus heavily on meat and fish. Though we can make moderate accommodations, not all stops on our tours will have vegetarian options. That said, if volume of food is a concern, we will always give you extra of any foods you particularly like along the way.

Are there options for plant-based and vegan diets?

Our goal at Vallarta Eats is to deliver an authentic Mexican food experience, therefore our curated tours do focus heavily on meat and fish. While some accommodations can be made for vegetarian diets, we cannot with 100% accuracy or certainty deliver an authentic experience for plant-based and vegan diets.

That said, if you are looking for great options for plant-based and vegan foods around Vallarta, please reach out to the owner directly stephen@vallartaeats.com and he will hook you up with recommendations.

What’s your relationship with the local restaurants here in Puerto Vallarta?

Vallarta Eats Food Tours works with over 40 of Puerto Vallarta’s best and most reputable restaurants and food vendors with whom we have fostered relationships with over the years. We treat our food partners like family.

I have been to Puerto Vallarta many times. Is the tour still good for me?

Absolutely! Some of our most frequently returning guests live right here in Vallarta. We put in the hard work of finding the best and often overlooked gems in the Vallarta food scene. 

I don’t speak Spanish, is that a problem?

No problem at all! All of our guides are bilingual.

How far will we be walking?

Our tours last between 3 and 4 hours and cover approximately 1.5 miles. For guests with physical limitations, please email us at info@vallartaeats.com for a private tour where we can customize the route and stops based on your needs.

Is the tour wheelchair accessible? How about strollers?

Unfortunately, Vallarta’s rough cobblestone streets can make it very difficult to navigate. As such, we are not able to offer wheelchair accessible standard tours — our apologies. If you would like to inquire into making a custom, wheelchair-accessible tour, please email us at info@vallartaeats.com.

Strollers are able to handle PV’s streets during daylight hours without problem (so bring the kids!) but should not be brought on the Tacos after Dark tour.

How do I pay for my tour?

You can book and pay for your reservation by selecting your desired tour and date from our calendar. You will then be redirected to a secure booking platform where all major credit cards are accepted. You can also book directly with us during standard business hours by calling 312.473.1085 (US/CA) or 322.230.0826 (MX).

What should I know about the Craft Brew and Bites Tour?

Prior to setting off on the Craft Brew and Bites Tour, all guests will need to complete a standard Liability WaiverPlease keep in mind that our craft beers can pack twice the punch of normal mass-produced beers, and it’s important to keep your guide informed should you feel the selections hitting you harder or compromising your faculties.

What if I have a group larger than six?

We can accommodate larger groups. Please email us at info@vallartaeats.com with details.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Wow, do we get this question a lot. And the answer is always… yes! We absolutely do!

We love it when people want to share the Puerto Vallarta Eats Food Tours experience with others, and in our experience, said others love it, too! You can purchase gift cards either for specific tours or for a flat dollar amount. Contact us at info@vallartaeats.com for more information.

Do you offer private tours?

Yes, we do offer private tours. Just email us at info@vallartaeats.com.

Is there anything else I should know?

Vallarta Eats Food Tours acts only as agent for the stands, carts, and restaurants on our tours and cannot be held responsible for losses, delays, damages, accidents or injuries caused by persons engaged in carrying out the services of the tours. For more information, please read our Terms and Conditions.