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We strive to make your Food Tour intimate and personalized. We accommodate all sized groups, but try to keep each tour smaller, to best enjoy this variety of delicious cuisine.


Our bilingual, Mexican guides have an intimate understanding of the culture and food of Vallarta. Get insider tips, find secret spots and learn how the locals eat.


Our tours include information on the history of Puerto Vallarta and the region. Our guides are all Mexican Nationals and can give you a unique perspective of everyday life in the Bay of Banderas and in Mexico as a whole.

Signature Taco Tour

Dive deeper into Mexican Culture and eat a wide variety of the everyday food that locals eat.

Departs daily at 10am.
$55 USD (includes ticketing and credit card processing fees)
Children under 12 are $39 and little ones under 4 are free!

Tacos After Dark

Tacos After Dark Tour  is great way to get the most out of your visit to Old Town Vallarta. After a day at the beach, enjoy a leisurely evening stroll around town sampling delicious Mexican street food.

Departs Sunday through Friday at 7 pm
$55 USD  (includes ticketing and credit card processing fees)

Mole Pozole Tour

Visit 4-6 of our favorite Puerto Vallarta family-style spots with a knowledgable Vallarta Eats Foodie Guide.
Sample some of the best traditional Mexican cuisine offered in the Bay of Banderas.

Departs Mondays and Thursdays
April 1 thru December 15 at 7 pm
December 16 thru March 31 at 6 pm
$55 USD (includes ticketing and credit card processing fees)
Children under 12 are $39

Tasting Vallarta

Visit four award-winning restaurants with a knowledgable Vallarta Eats Foodie Guide and taste the best food offered in Puerto Vallarta.

Departs Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7 pm $88 USD
(includes ticketing and credit card processing fees, food and beverages – choice of specialty cocktails or soft drink).

Craft Brew & Bites

On the tour learn about Mexico’s emerging craft beer scene and support Mexican brewers.  Sample up to 12 beers only found here in Mexico and visit 4 local establishments over 3.5 hours.  Taste artisanal beers, micheladas, tequila infused beer, and eat some tasty bites along the way.

Departs Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays at 7:00 pm Summer  and at  6:00 pm Winter.
$75 USD  (includes ticketing and credit card processing fees)


Pozole: A Delicious Dish With A Dark History

The ancient Mexica prepared the pozole with meat of the captives sacrificed in some festivals, mainly dedicated to Our Lord the Flayed, Xipe Totec. During the holidays, many of us have the opportunity to enjoy the delicious typical Mexican cuisine. Among some of the...

A Trip To A Carnicería: Learn The Names Of Beef Cuts In Mexico

Shopping for meat can be daunting. This may come as a surprise to Americans who are accustomed to shopping in American grocery stores where everything is sanitized, tidy, clearly weighed, and labeled with familiar terms in a familiar language. Stray a bit from your...

The History Of The Taco: Where And How This Mexican Icon Was Born

"Its yellow flesh was made of yellow corn and white corn; the arms and legs of man were made with maize dough. The flesh of our ancestors is made with corn"        Popol Vuh, the Book of the Council, where the origin of the Mayan life is narrated. From the inexpensive...

The Mexican Flavors Of April

Spring is in full swing, the afternoons are sunny, the trees are full of flowers and the seasonal ingredients are juicier, tastier, and brighter than ever. This month brings so many flavors that invite you to spend the day looking for the ideal ingredients to prepare...

Tacos Al Pastor: The King Of Our Tacos After Dark Tour

Who doesn’t love Tacos al Pastor? This delicious thinly sliced pork shoulder marinated in adobo sauce, served with green salsa, chopped onions, cilantro, grilled pineapple with a squeeze of fresh lime juice. Everything tastes better with a squeeze of lime! The method...

The Black Flower of the Aztecs

Vanilla was already highly valued in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica (especially in Mexico) and was introduced into Europe by Spanish conquistadors, extending to the rest of the world later. The history of vanilla is associated with that of chocolate. Its origin is Mexican....

This is a first for Vallarta Eats

Meet our "honorary guest" For the first time in nearly 7 years, we had a guest take 4 tours in less than a week. Yes, you read that right -- a guest took 4 food tours in less than one week. We have had guests come back after enjoying one foodie adventure, some have...

The Origins Of The Birria Taco

Here in Puerto Vallarta — and Mexico for that matter — has a long tradition of great and delicious “street food.” One of the dishes that best represent the beautiful State of Jalisco is the famous “Birria.” Here at Vallarta Eats, when you book and take our Signature...

Why People Love Puerto Vallarta Eats Food Tours!

I have just completed my 2nd Tacos After Dark Tour and 4th Signature Taco Tour..

“…and once again I am thrilled. I learn something new every time we go. I love to take friends and family who have not had the pleasure of experiencing the fantastic job Vallarta Eats does. They treat all guests as friends and show you the very best PV has to offer.”

Estrella is an excellent guide who truly loves her work and if shows!

“She made extra stops on the way and went beyond the scheduled time and itinerary since we showed interest in some other aspects of the city such as the coffee culture. ”

Great intro to the local food scene.

“We took the Mole and Pozole tour and the Mexican Beer Experience tour. Both were fabulous! Both Estrella and Daniela were knowledgeable and took amazing care of us. Definitely a highlight of our trip.”

It was the highlight of our trip to be sure...

“ Our guide was extremely accommodating, polite, informative and a pleasure to spend the day with. Your tour is very unique and fills a niche  in the visitor experience that is truly necessary and one that we all valued.”

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