Why Your Vallarta Eats Opinion Really Matters To Us

At Vallarta Eats, it’s our job to show you around town. Give you some inside tips on where to get the best mole, or chocolate, craft brew, and taco. We love showing you how to best stuff that belly of yours. We love our job.

We also truly value your opinion. Not just when you give it to us straight (although we appreciate that too), but also when you leave a review on one of the major networks that travelers use for research.

Your 100% Satisfaction Is Our Goal

Your Experience Is Unique

When you tell the world about your Vallarta Eats Food Tour, new tour goers know what to expect on each tour. “Signature Taco” certainly implies that tacos are involved, and that this tour is a classic of ours, but what happened when you went? What did you experience? Inquiring minds really do want to know. 

Comedian Aziz Ansari has a bit about how in this day and age, when we’re researching anything at all, we put in “Best ____”. We always want to know what the best we can get is. Where do we find that? What does it cost? Best toothbrush, best food tour. Price point doesn’t matter so much as whether it’s the best. So we love it when you say we’re the best. It means a lot.

It’s become a known vacation strategy to do a food tour early in your trip, so you know where to go the rest of the time you’re in town. Vallarta Eats takes you to all the best places, so people just go back again and again. You did that! Our customers and our fans, the opinions you share online, help the newbies on so many levels. You tell them what to expect, and you tell them how to get the most out of it too. 

Research shows that there is no advertising like word of mouth, a friendly recommendation from a peer. Thank you, truly.

Your Feedback Is Appreciated

Our tour guides love hearing that you enjoyed your tour. These people are not merely tour guides… they are serious foodies and they love sharing with you. It’s great for them to really see they’ve hit the mark, so that’s just one more way that your words matter.

Here in the office, we love hearing that you enjoyed your tour as well. It is our mission in life to make your holiday a little happier, and to offer you a more personal side of Vallarta. When you’re happy, we’re happy! So thanks for sharing your review and making us smile too.

And our door is always open, should you need. We love hearing from you personally, and working with you one-on-one. In case you ever want to reach out, our email address is info@vallartaeats.com.

Our tour goers are the world to us! Thanks for keeping in touch, both with online opinions and return visits too. It has long been said that “people vote with their feet”, and we have a really high number of repeat customers. We love that! It means we’re doing our job well, and it adds depth to everyone’s experience. Your return visit means a newly shared rapport, a bond between us, a camaraderie.

 A taco tryst, if you will.