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This is a first for Vallarta Eats

Meet our “honorary guest”

For the first time in nearly 7 years, we had a guest take 4 tours in less than a week. Yes, you read that right — a guest took 4 food tours in less than one week.

We have had guests come back after enjoying one foodie adventure, some have even made reservations for two different tours back to back, and we also have had guests that repeat the same tour every time they visit Puerto Vallarta, but for us this has been a first, and a telltale sign, validating that our guests love what we are doing, so much so, they come, over, and over, and over and over again.

We thought it would be a great idea to approach Carl, our now honorary member of the Vallarta Eats family, and ask him if he wouldn’t mind talking about his experience.

He was most gracious to take the time to answer our questions. Here is what Carl had to say:

1.- Carl, would you mind sharing with us where you are from? Where do you live?

I am from Estonia and currently living in its capital Tallinn. Estonia is a small country in northern Europe next to Finland and Russia with only 1.3m people and 400k living in its capital.

Map of Estonia

Estonia Map from http://www.nationsonline.org/oneworld/map/estonia-map.htm

2.- Is this your first time visiting Puerto Vallarta? Mexico?

It is my first time in Mexico. In North America, I have visited California couple of times before and a recent visit to Spain motivated me to travel to a Spanish speaking country again.

Puerto Vallarta view https://images.contentful.com/h82kzjd39wa1/4BxAEz5BnWeMo0Eki022yE/0541b07383a0b6a8b2e52e15f386e1a6/DES_PVR_001.jpg

Image of Puerto Vallarta via Contentful.com

3.- Have you ever in your travels done a food tour before? If yes, how was that experience?

I have not. It was my first experience. In my previous travels, I have relied on Foursquare and friends advice when trying new authentic places.

4.- How did you hear about Vallarta Eats Food Tours?

I saw it on a flyer in my hotel. And as my friend suggested me to try food tour when traveling alone then I booked a tour right away.

Vallarta Eats Food Tours Sign

5.- You took two of our tours on the same day, was it a good experience doing a back to back?

Definitely. It was a day full of many great new experiences, new acquaintances and a bit of rest between the tours.

Birria anyone?

6.- The first tour you took was our Signature Taco, what are the highlights you remember best?

I remember tasting the most delicious tacos ever, seeing the carnitas and tortillas being made and also hearing the stories behind these places and Mexican culture.

Eating a Taco in our Signature Taco

7.- That same night you participated in our Mexican Beer Experience, were you familiar with the variety of beers produced here? Are they different from where you live?

I had no previous knowledge of Mexican beers besides Corona and Sol. I have been a craft beer fan for a couple of years and are used to the IPA’s and ales. Craft beers which I tried tasted quite similar to the ones I am usually drinking here in Estonia. Although IPA’s were on the mild side on the hops compared to the ones here.

Mexican Beer Experience trying Liquor

8.- Your third tour was Tacos After Dark, did you notice a big difference between the morning and night tacos? Which one did you like best?

Didn’t notice a big difference. Again I tasted the best tacos in the world and it wouldn’t make justice to any of the tours if I would choose one over the other. You have to experience both.

Tacos After Dark taco

9.- In Tasting Vallarta was there anything that you would eat again? Over and over?

Although I am not a fan of sweets I was amazed by the chocolate taco and chocolate cake. These were really delicious! I also enjoyed the different margaritas which came with the food.

Enjoying one of the stops on Tasting Vallarta

10.- Were any of the foods in your country similar to what you experienced here in Puerto Vallarta?

I tried cinnamon rolls from the same bakery which also makes the tortillas and I loved them. My grandma also used to make them. Now in Estonia, miss the spicy sauces that you could poor all over your tacos.

Riding the bus

11.- Now as a seasoned Vallarta Eats Foodie and honorable family member, what would you say to anyone looking to book with us? Would you recommend our services?

I would do it all over again. Nothing to complain about, only good memories and great experiences. Additionally, to the amazing food, the tour guides were very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

11.- What are you taking with you from this experience?

Love for Mexican food and a desire to visit Mexico again.

Pilgrimage for the celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe

And just like that, in one interview, we sum up everything we want to bring to our guests.

We hope that when taking a tour, you fall in love with Mexico. If we are lucky, this experience will turn you into a goodwill ambassador for our country, food, culture, and traditions. Please keep your memories of our little slice of paradise and the warmth of our people in your heart, and visit us again, soon.

If you found this article inspiring and have never taken a food tour, please allow us the pleasure of showing you around this beautiful city. We will make sure this experience becomes the highlight of your stay. Here at Vallarta Eats Food Tours, we work hard to make your vacation an eventful one. And please, always remember to come hungry!

If you are interested in booking one of our tours, I encourage you to visit our website at vallartaeats.com to find out more.

Thank you!

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