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Vallarta Eats Five Golden Rules for Choosing a Taco Stand

The Insider’s Guide to Eating Delicious and Fresh Mexican Street Food

Food tourism is a big deal these days, and many of our Puerto Vallarta visitors want to take advantage of the scrumptious variety of street food beckoning the hungry traveler. Vallarta Eats Food Tours has hand-picked some of the very best of these eateries in town, offering tourists and locals a unique opportunity to try the tastiest Mexican street food available in our beautiful corner of paradise.

Here are some essential tips for eating street food in Puerto Vallarta, compiled by our experts at Vallarta Eats:

  1. Look for a Fresh Plastic Bag Covering Each Plate
    Taco stands do not normally have running water to wash dishes. Due to this, they cover each dish with a fresh plastic bag every time they serve a new order of tacos.
  2. Make Sure Only One Person Touches the Money 
    The cook should be the cook, ONLY, and not handling money. The taquero normally has an additional person assisting with cleaning and collecting money. Occasionally they are working alone, in which case, they will use a plastic bag or plastic glove over their hand to handle money. If you see the person handling food and money without a bag or glove on their hand, walk on by!
  3. There Should be People at the Taco Stand
    If it´s always empty, this is a telltale sign the tacos are not a big hit. Though, you need to be sure that you are there the correct time of day. Most tacos stands specialize in morning, afternoon or nighttime meals.
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  4. Make Sure You Pay Before You Leave
    Eating tacos will keep you honest. There’s a code of trust, as many taco stands do not keep track of how many taco people are eating, they rely upon your honesty to let them know how many were ordered.
  5. DON´T ASK FOR A FORK! They won’t have one!
    This is by far the most important rule. We never use utensils to eat tacos.