Tacos “Chanfay” – A Real Winner

One of the things that makes Vallarta such a wonderfully welcoming place, is the fact that it’s got a whole network of “founding families”, as I like to think of them. Families with deep roots here… the ones with generations here. The proprietors of many of the small tiendas here; they are founding families.

This week’s partner spotlight is on tacos “Chanfay”. It was my sincere pleasure to spend a little time with Nelly, getting to know her and learning about her business. You may be surprised to know, or perhaps not at all, that Nelly is related to the folks over at La Guerra, from last week’s blog. Nelly’s husband is Techi’s brother. 

Originally from Chacala, Jalisco, María Díaz and Rosalío Rodríguez settled in Puerto Vallarta around 1967. Soon after, they opened the business along with their children. 

Chanfay is proudly a 100% family-run taqueria, and there are now three generations working together to keep this very busy stand running smoothly.

“What do you like to cook, and why?”

María and Rosalío owned a butcher shop, and then decided to open the taco business, so they stick with the tried and true staples: high quality ingredients and killer seasoning. They do beef, pork and chanfaina (viscera). Nelly didn’t say it outright, but I have it on good authority that this is some of the best birria in town.

As they move into the future, they intend to preserve their trademark flavor, and keep providing that winning service that keeps people coming back. She’s also preparing her children to be restaurant owners themselves one day. She wants more branches and to see her kids with their own taquerías.

“Tell me a little about your customers.”

Nelly said her favorite visitors of late were a group of tourists from Japan who came to her on a Vallarta Eats tour. Their taste buds were introduced to the gospel of chanfaina tacos, and they never looked back. They came in every morning for the remainder of their trip. They could not get enough of their tacos! Things like that just aren’t part of the Japanese diet, and they welcomed the new flavors eagerly.

This is exactly what’s so wonderful about food tourism: The doors it opens for those who are adventurous enough to give new things a try. 

And something that’s so wonderful about these “founding families”? The depth they bring to the Vallarta story. The kindness with which they share their spices.

Nelly said she feels lucky to be a partner of Vallarta Eats, and I certainly understand that, but we’re lucky to have them too. They take such great care of our customers, that they always end up coming back. Sometimes they come back a lot! Nelly and her family share the best of what they offer, sometimes with people from half a world away, creating moments of culinary magic for those lucky people.

Well. It looks like we’re all winners here, aren’t we?