pozole plate

Pozole: The Ultimate Comfort Food

Pozole, (poh-SOH–lay), is one of our favorite Mexican comfort foods– akin to a yummy Matzah Ball soup (OR HEARTY CHICKEN SOUP). And now that the nights here in Puerto Vallarta are getting chilly, this hearty meat broth with hominy warms your tummy and staves of cold.

The hominy in pozole is prepared utilizing the process of nixtamalización, where large kernel corn is dried, and then soaked and cooked in slaked lime or wood ash. It’s then washed and softened. This PROCESS makes the corn easier to store and adds an additional source of calcium and niacin, making it super nutritious and easy to digest.

Pozole is an ancient Nahuatl dish, and very popular for SPECIAL family occasions here in Mexico. Though, you can find it on the menu at one of our favorite spots, El Campanario, which we feature on our Mole Pozole Tour.  Their family has been serving the grandmother’s recipe for 3 decades.

Jalisco is known for it’s Pozole Blanco, which is made of pork and chicken. And garnishes are key: you’ll always find a plate of shredded lettuce or cabbage, radishes, onion, lime and a spicy chile salsa. And the requisite side of crunchy tostadas.