Partner Spotlight: Mariscos La Tia

As you have hopefully gathered while following our weekly Partner Spotlight installments, there is a culinary undercurrent to Vallarta. One that not only helps to support and even inform the flavors in the more touristy/ritzy places, but one that tells the story of Vallarta itself. 

This week we sit down with the Mujeres Montes de Mariscos La Tia: Mrs. Bertha Montes and daughter Teresa Montes. Originally from Monteón, Nayarit, Bertha’s family arrived in Puerto Vallarta and knew they’d found home. Mariscos La Tia was opened in 1975 by Mrs. Bertha herself, and they now have 4 locations in total employing much of the Montes family. Kids, cousins, grandkids… anyone can (and does) work for the family business, as long as they work hard. 

The original La Tia location c. 1975

“Tell me about your menu…”

Initially they wanted to try serving breakfast food, but it wasn’t the right time for that yet. They went with ceviche and a few seafood cocktails alongside chorito (pork), which did better. When they began to grow their customer base, they now had an audience to quiz about what things to offer next. Little by little they expanded the menu based on these suggestions, and a loyal following has grown.

“What do you look forward to?”

Now that the Ladies of La Tia have the magic formula figured out for how to please customers (Basically, you just ask them how), they are looking forward to building an empire. They are thinking of international locations in the future, but always to “maintain the harmony of family business”.

They mentioned that their partnership with Vallarta Eats is a blessing because it sends the travelers right to La Tia… these people with a desire to taste something new… and the people at La Tia can just do what they love: show the travelers why it’s awesome. Make them want to come back, and they do! Often they even bring friends. And who doesn’t want more friends? When you think big like these fabulous women, all the world’s your oyster.