ceviche tostada at Cólera

Do You Know Your Antojitos?

There is no translation in English for antojito it’s kind of like saying “yummy bites”, “tasty snack cravings” or “something to hold you over until your next meal”. Traditionally, here in Mexico, antojitos are quickly prepared street foods.

Every morning, by the local school at Iglesia Guadalupe, I pass by carts and vendors preparing these little treats. It’s always hard for me to resist one of the crispy fried tacos dorados, or if I’m feeling more health conscious, a plastic bag of watermelon and cucumber, with a squeeze of lemon and a dash of Tajin (a lime, chile salt).

Mexicans LOVE their antojitos! People, North of the Border are catching on, which is reflected in the plethora of food trucks that now abound serving an array of yummy, often ethnic, tasty bites.

For your reference, here are some of our favorites antojitos:


The tortillas used in Mexican tacos are soft, although the entire taco can be fried, which is called dorado. The taco is a pre Hispanic dish. No forks or knives needed here, the tortilla is your container. No fuss, not much clean-up. The perfect street food.


Again a corn based delight. Tamales come in sweet and savory versions, some spicy and some bland. No plate is required, since they are prepared and served in a corn husk or banana leaf wrapper. A fork is handy, as they can be steamy and hot!


Flat hard tortillas either fried or dried with a variety of toppings such as shredded chicken, pork, beef, seafood, cheese and salsa.


A tortilla folded in half and filled with cheese and, if you so desire, some other ingredients.

Assorted Gorditas on a plate


After cooking they are split and filled with ingredients such as cheese, picadillo, salsa, beans or cooked eggs.


Similar to a gordita, but instead of being split like a pita bread, they are pinched at the edge and topped with beans, cheese and anthying else you can imagine.


Fresh corn served on the cob or cut kernels. If it’s still on the cob is it either grilled or boiled then slathered with mayonnaise cojjita cheese, chile pepper, lime and hot sauce. If the kernals are removed from the cob they are called esquites, served in a cup, and topped with the same yummy toppings.

Display of fruit antojitos in Mexico

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Depending upon the season, find jicama, papaya, mango, cucumber, watermelon, and tuna (cactus fruit) can also be had as antojitos. Cut into slender spears or cubes with lime juice, salt and chili pepper powder added.


Agua Frescas are a classic street drink. They can be made with fruits, rice milk, coconut sap and fermented corn. One of my favorites is Jamaica, an infusion of a hibiscus flower. Very refreshing on a hot day!