Memo Lira our Foodie Guide Extraordinaire is moving on to an exciting new project

Vallarta Eats would be nothing without our amazing foodie guides. And one of our very first guides, Guillermo (Memo) Lira, started with the company about 5 and ½ years ago. We’ve been graced by his intelligence and insights. He’s charmed thousands of visitors to Puerto Vallarta at Vallarta Eats Food Tours.

Just look at our TripAdvisor page for evidence of his tireless work at making food tours far more than just a tour, but an experience. Words like, “amazing”, “fantastic”, “best tour guides ever”, “Memo is a Rock Star” will regularly pop-up when our guests review the tours he’s led.

Vallarta Eats #1 Food Tour Puerto Vallarta on Tripadvisor

“This was our third time doing a Vallarta Eats Food Tour. This time we did Tacos After Dark. We had plenty of great food. Each tour is different. We were lucky to have Memo as our guide for the third time he makes the experience so much fun. They keep adding different tours so I am sure we will do another one next time we are in Puerto Vallarta.” Reviewed April 2017

Memo is a native of Mexico City. Always passionate about learning English, as a youth, he spent hours watching television from the U.S. honing his flawless English. In fact, he began tutoring and teaching English while still in High School, and continued doing so through his early years while attending university at the prestigious Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México.

Memo Lira at film opening

Then he spent two years with DirectTV, but moved onto being an independent event promoter. After almost 15 years of organizing huge events like movie premieres, DJ happenings, cabaret shows and corporate events in Mexico City, he felt drained and he and his partner Charlie pondered what to do and where to go for a BIG change. Having vacationed frequently in Vallarta, they decided to give it a try.

Memo Lira laughing in a hammock

Finally, after 6 years of detoxing from the madness of living in the big city, Memo finally has come into his own. Discovering Kabbalah practice and simplifying his life, he now feels ready to move onto the next phase …the theater.

“I’ve always been drawn to the theater – says Memo, with a twinkle in his eyes. “I was always an avid theater goer and I actively participated in theater while in high school and college.”

Memo and the fabulous former Vallarta Eats Guide, Ana Espinosa plan to expand the local theater options by creating and launching Microtheater in Puerto Vallarta.

Microtheater performance

Microtheater is now an international phenomenon that had its start in Spain with Micro Teatro Por Dinero in an abandoned brothel in Madrid. A performance group saw the potential of this unique space and wanted to create an affordable and unique theater experience for everyone.

Microtheater is an immersive, social, performing event in which different theater companies present short plays of 15 minutes each several times a night, outside of the conventional stage format. Each intimate performance space holds only a small group of audience members, which allows for a unique theater experience. Tickets are affordable at around $5 USD each per micro play.

The big thrill of Microtheater is that you are directly in the scene, not just separated out in the audience as an observer.

Memo and Ana, have purchased a license that gives them access to the hundreds of various plays and themes available to Microtheaters worldwide.

They will begin workshops soon to prepare for next season’s line-up of talent. So if you are an experienced or fledgling actor, writer, director, producer or just love the theater, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the creation of this exciting new project.

The plays will be bilingual and Memo and Ana are thrilled to be spearheading this exciting new art form here in Puerto Vallarta.

Memo Lira and Ana Espinosa with friends

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