Marisma Fish Taco – A Proud Partner Of Vallarta Eats

It’s no secret that we love our partners here at Vallarta Eats! The best way to get to know a region or city is to try its food, and that’s the whole reason we’re here: to show you the special places that make Vallarta’s food scene what it is. At the forefront of everything is women owned and operated Marisma Fish Taco. Recently we had a chance to sit down with Yunuen, one of the owners at Marisma, to learn more about who they are and what these fabulous gals are up to. 

Who is Marisma?

We are a family business, started in 1989. We have a branch in Marina Vallarta also. Our founders Mrs. Mary Mr. Ismael, developed all the recipes themselves.

Where is everyone originally from?

Mrs. Mary was born in Guzmán city, Jalisco. Mr. Ismael in Guadalajara, but they have been in Vallarta for 50 years now. They started with a fruit shop in Pitillal, but they didn’t do very well, so they decided to try something new: seafood tacos. We are pioneers in this type of business.

What’s your specialty?

We do seafood. When we started, seafood served in tacos was a very foreign concept. But little by little, people began to discover how delicious it is. 

What are your plans for the future?

One day we want to franchise. We look forward to growth… our family and Marisma too. We’ll continue renewing our recipes and our menus as we do year after year.

Any last words?

We are pleased to welcome Vallarta Eats customers at Marisma! They always leave happy, and they always return on their own to eat more tacos. It’s rewarding, being a partner with Vallarta Eats. We hope to continue working together for a long time.