Miskova owner

Shop Local- Designer Kim Martin Makes it in Mexico!

Canadian-born designer, Kim Martin, founder and owner of the Myskova Beach Boutiques in Mexico. With stores on Puerto Vallarta’s famed Malecon boardwalk, on Basilio Badillo and recently at Garza Blanca Resorts Boutique, Kim Martin’s Myskova brand has already been a great success in Banderas Bay, providing chic beachwear and stylish causal solutions for women looking for an original yet comfortable look at the beach.

A Little about Kim Martin
Kim Martin grew up in a family of designers and sewing geniuses, spending her childhood in Canada before moving to Mexico to escape the cold and start an acting and modelling career.
It was her background in modelling that brought her to fashion design. Having spent many years struggling in and out of impractical and uncomfortable bathing suites and beach wear, she decided to see if she could do what many designers seemed to have failed to do: design swimwear and clothing for the beach that you can actually swim in and sit comfortably in while looking both sexy and classy. The point about the Myskova brand is is to feel and look great!

Made in Mexico
All of the clothing in the Myskova collection are carefully designed by Kim Martin for all kinds of women (short, tall, big, small) of all ages and are sewn here in Mexico by a team of passionate and talented seamstresses and tailors. Small quantities of each design are manufactured to ensure unique designs, avoiding the cookie cutter type clothing that is created in large quantities in places like China, Taiwan and Thailand. Many of the designs you will find are one-of-a-kind.
Inspiring Designs

With over 15 years designing swim and resort wear, Kim takes her inspiration from her customers and her travels.
She spends time travelling, looking for different prints and fabrics that will flatter all kinds of body shapes, choosing materials that feel gentle on the skin. Her collection has featured in a number of beauty, fashion and lifestyle magazines, including Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire.
Choosing the Right Swim Suit
Buying a bathing suit when you come from a cold winter climate can be terrifying but Kim has recently added a courtesy bathing suit evaluation and can spend quality time with you to find that perfect suit so that you razzle dazzle on Puerto Vallarta´s beaches in style and comfort.

So, next time you are in the shopping mood, there really is no excuse if you have forgotten your sarong or a present for your kids or husband or wife’s Christmas or anniversary gift! Take a look at the Myskova collection and you will find the fashion solution you never knew you needed.