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Jackfruit: The Miracle Monster

#1 Food Tour Puerto Vallarta

Jackfruit is the largest known treeborne fruit. It’s grown exclusively in hotter, more tropical climates. These behemoths love our local weather and can frequently be seen hanging off of trees around Puerto Vallarta

Currently researchers are looking into the viability of this amazing fruit as a replacement for staple crops adversely affected by climate change, as jackfruits have amazing nutritional value (lots of potassium, calcium, and iron) and are very high in calories.

The size of an individual jackfruit can range from 10-20 pounds. Some even greatly exceeding that weight.

This miracle food is easy to grow, very disease and pest resistant and loves hot, humid weather.

Too, the seeds can be cooked, with a flavor reminiscent of a water chestnut.

And it is a hot trend in the vegan world. Check-out these recipes a VegNews.

Some Tips on the Preparation of a Jackfruit

Is it Ripe? If it’s totally green, it’s not ready. Look for some yellowish color and slightly softer spikes–kind of but not too squishy. Smell it. Does it have the scent of something that you’ve stored in a rainy shed? Then you’re ready to face your challenge.

#1 Food Tour Puerto Vallarta

What’s Inside of this Thing?: A soft sweet flesh, gooey treacherous sap and brownish seeds

#1 Food Tour Puerto Vallarta

What does it Taste Like? Banana-ish with a hit of Juicy Fruit gum. That’s right, Juicy Fruit gum. If you don’t like the taste and smell of Juicy Fruit, stop reading now…

#1 Food Tour Puerto Vallarta

What do You Make with a Jackfruit? Mexicans mix it with sweetened condensed milk and make a yummy pudding, put it in smoothies and agua frescsas or frequently make a compote by cooking it down, like an applesauce.#1 Food Tour Puerto Vallarta

How do I Open the Bloody Thing?

  • Oil and safety ARE key. If you don’t want to enjoy the sap on your hands, into the next month, use latex gloves. Coat everything in oil.
  • Wear an old shirt.
  • Cover your surfaces, even the whole kitchen and your pets, with something you can discard.
  • Cut into slices.
  • Keep oiling the knife as you work
  • Cut into white flesh
  • Pull out pods
  • Slice seed out of pods and enjoy the sweet flesh!

Here’s an amazing infographic from Melissa’s Produce that will break-down the process for you:

#1 Food Tour Puerto Vallarta