foodie guide with guest

Famous Chef Visits Vallarta Eats

November, December and January have been record breaking! So many tacos. So many FUN people.

We were especially proud to tour with huge number of Repeat Customers. It’s always great seeing old friends. Thanks for supporting Vallarta Eats!!!

We also welcomed a few food luminaries and bloggers, one of which being Kelsie Kerr, acclaimed former Chef at Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkeley and co-author of “The Art of Simple Food” and “The Art of Simple Food II” with Alice Waters.

Kelsie now owns an amazing eatery in Berkeley called Standard Fare which makes a breakfast biscuit sandwich to die for.

Kelsie and her partner Matt Heckert, a brilliant sound/performance artist and master engineer at Ocho Candy. The home of this unparalleled Dark Chocolate Coconut bar.

Kelsie and Matt chose to take our Signature Taco tour with Foodie Guide Daniella.

The tour kicked off with delicious breakfast birria.

And crispy tacos at Birria Chanfay with repeat customers Heather and Jim.

And Kelsie’s favorites? Fresh chicharones…

and the perfect Marisma Fish Taco, of course.

Thanks for going on tour with us, Kelsie!

Check out this fun video of our friends at El Moreno, making the best fresh tortillas in town: