About Us

Eric-and-Prince-150x150Eric Wichner

I founded Puerto Vallarta Eats Food Tours Mexico in order to share with others my experience of the food, culture and rich history of this wonderful area, which has so many unheralded treasures. After our first daytime tour, one guest wept and said to me, “I have been coming to PV for 20 years and have always been afraid to try these places. You have changed my relationship with Puerto Vallarta forever.” This is exactly the experience we want to give people.

Transplanted from Philadelphia, I originally came to Puerto Vallarta seeking sun and new adventures.  Not surprisingly, I fell in love with Vallarta’s food and people and, for almost a decade now, have been proud to call Colonia Emiliano Zapata home.

Our tours are for everyone, whether it is your first visit or your 50th. And to keep things fresh, we’re always exploring … seeking out more excellent culinary spots so that we can introduce you to them! We look forward to seeing you, feeding you, and welcoming you to Vallarta Eats.

Foodie Guides

Estrella-107-x-107-150-ppi-pink-150x150Estrella Velasco

From: Acapulco.

What’s the best thing about being a Vallarta Eats Foodie Guide?
Mexican culture is rich and diverse and I’m very proud of my heritage. Being a guide provides me with a great opportunity to share it while having fun… and a snack or two.

dani-1-150x150Daniella Sanchez

From: Mexico City

What’s the best thing about being a Vallarta Eats Foodie Guide?

Having the chance to provide valuable and useful information to our guests, making them feel happy and welcome. And of course, being part of a wonderful team of people who truly love what they do.