A Sweet Treat: Helados “La Michoacana”

Francisco Madero in Old Town is an interesting street, particularly here in the winter of 2019. These days you can’t even walk the length of it without having to cross at some point because of construction. Another way it’s interesting: You can’t believe the variety of food on this street. Sushi. Tacos. Juices. Italian. Thai. Seafood. And Mr. Alfonso Guadarrama, with his colorful frozen treats. 

Mr. Alfonso is originally from Mexico City and his wife Mrs. Teresa García is from Michoacán. They’ve been in business here in Vallarta since 1990, but the original paleteria dates back to 1942 in Mexico City. That’s where his family took the recipes that were brought over from Italy in 1940, and made magic with them. 

In the early 90’s when a family member of Alfonso’s fell ill, he had to quit his retail job in Mexico City and come to Vallarta. He knew the paletas would do well here, so he opened a shop and the rest is history.

What’s on the menu, Amigo?

Alfonso makes paletas (popsicles) with those same recipes from 1940’s Italy. He also offers a selection of ice creams and delicious fresh fruit waters. 

All of Alfonso’s products are hand made with love, using his own recipes, and natural fruits only. Most every paleta has just fruit pulp and sugar, they are not made with water. This is extremely important for people who are afraid to drink anything but bottled water! Popsicles can still be on the menu. You’re welcome.

Paletas (popsicles) are often made with just two ingredients: fruit pulp and sugar.

Mr. Alfonso loves to try new flavors and iterate on his recipes. He is the proud creator of the passionflower paleta, and with good reason. It’s a popular flavor now, but back in the day, passionflower wasn’t used at all by the locals. He also created the corn paleta, mango with chili, tamarind with chili, and many others.

He loves creating new recipes, and he loves his customers too. Turns out that being a businessman is the perfect thing for him, and his only coworker is his beloved parrot, which is quite handy for peaceful office politics. 

Sweetening people’s lives is our purpose.

Mr. Alfonso Guadarrama

Alfonso likes having Vallarta Eats customers come through on tour because paletas are not something that many visitors think of. They’re all about the tacos.

Tacos are nice too, but there’s something wonderful about a delicious pure fruit paleta. Stop in at helados “La Michoacana” and you’ll see what I mean.