#1 Food Tour Puerto Vallarta

Jackfruit: The Miracle Monster

Jackfruit is the largest known treeborne fruit. It’s grown exclusively in hotter, more tropical climates. These behemoths love our local weather and can frequently be seen hanging off of trees around Puerto Vallarta Currently researchers are looking into the viability of this amazing fruit as a replacement for staple crops adversely affected by climate change, as […]


Memo Lira to Start Microtheater Vallarta

Memo Lira our Foodie Guide Extraordinaire is moving on to an exciting new project Vallarta Eats would be nothing without our amazing foodie guides. And one of our very first guides, Guillermo (Memo) Lira, started with the company about 5 and ½ years ago. We’ve been graced by his intelligence and insights. He’s charmed thousands […]

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